A dissertation is a piece of academic writing. Certain rules and regulations are to be followed while framing and writing a dissertation. One can’t write a dissertation as casually as they might write an academic essay.


Dissertations require a lot of prior planning, reading and framing. While working on a dissertation a student must be in constant correspondence with their supervisor. Every university has their own preference of style, method and structure.


A student must be aware of the kind of dissertation that their university expects them to write. A student must give enough time to the writing of a dissertation. It is not something that can be done in a hurry.

Essence Of Dissertation Writing


The basic factor to consider while you are writing a dissertation is maintenance of originality which is the core task of every trustworthy thesis writing service. When you are assigned to write a dissertation, your supervisor is obviously expecting you to present something that is your own. Of course you are allowed to use references and facts from other sources. The core work should however be your own. Say you have chosen to present a problem solution dissertation; you will be required to present a solution that has been devised by you. You may however refer to pre-published theories as citation or for validating your proposal. Similarly for the dissertations that present an argument. The primary argument has to be yours which can be substantiated by data from external sources.


Research is at the core of your dissertation. You must conduct extensive research to collect material for your dissertation. You will be required to read a number of books. You should consult other dissertations that have been written on that topic to acquire an in-depth knowledge of the topic. Your supervisor expects you to be analytical in your dissertation. In order to be analytical, you must be aware of the basic principles of your course. Unless you are equipped with sufficient knowledge, you can’t analyze. You will also have to present numerous facts and examples in your dissertation to support your thesis. All these can be acquired only through research. Some dissertations require the students to present a case study. For that a more elaborate research has to be conducted, where the student has to personally collect data.


The framing of a dissertation is a time consuming process. Framing is the process in which you decide the structure in which you will present your dissertation. You are expected to glean everything that you have studied and organize it in the form of the dissertation. Any proper dissertation should contain; a title page where one has to write the title, name of university and name of the student. Next comes the acknowledgment where shall be mentioned the names of these who helped in the research. This will be followed by an abstract or summary of the dissertation. A dissertation should have a content page and a figure table. The main chapters of the dissertation are the introduction, the body or the main part, a conclusion and an extensive bibliography.

Final checks

Before submitting the dissertation, the student should check the dissertation. Plagiarism if found out will lead to rejection of your dissertation. It is better to run the dissertation through a plagiarism checker. Students should also reference extensively. Referencing is the part where you state all your sources. Students should also check for spelling and grammatical errors. In the table of contents all pages should be numbered properly. Wherever the student is inserting any data or figure, the proper reference should be provided.

It is not an easy task to write a dissertation. Many things need to be kept in mind. Not only the dissertation writing is difficult, but also other academic papers. According to this, if you don't have enough time for completing your thesis, you can use help of MBA thesis writing services.