How To Get Your Thesis Back On Track

You may start struggling with your thesis at any point in the writing process. If you are struggling to get your work forward, remember that you are not alone.

A dissertation aims to answer a specific question. Therefore, the first steps to your recap are to find and identify your research question. Most tutors will want to see this first before anything else.

When you do not know where to start

The best way to beat this is to do extensive reading. You will get your ideas flowing with ease. Read relevant publications to your topic as much as you can find. You will have ideas on what has been done before in your area of interest. After going through a bunch of articles, you will soon start having rough ideas of what to write.

When you have nothing to say

You may have found out the question you have been looking for, but you are still left blank. What you need to do at this point is research.

Trust your gut and instincts

Recent studies have shown that people are always up to 90% right when they rely on their instincts. When you notice something that catches your attention, tend to note it down. It could be your breakthrough to finishing the dissertation.

When you hit a dead-end

Make it a habit of working even on weekends. Do not go for long stretches without work because that will throw you off schedule. It is easy to pick up from where you stopped previously, and it can be so rewarding if it gets separated by hours. Be sure to put in work at least daily to make progress.

When you are falling behind schedule

The upper statement should not be of worry if you have been working daily. Sometimes it happens. Unexpected events may arise, which may make you get behind schedule. It should not appear to you as though you have failed. You can seek mentorship from the campus or talk directly to your supervisor.

When you think you have a bad idea

When you get to work on something for so long, you may start having doubts about its authenticity. The further you get with the work, your objective thinking starts to fade out. A rule of thumb states that you get finished only when the job falls more on the right scale than on the wrong one. Another notation is that the work does not have to be perfect, but it must get completed.

When you think your idea is not viable

It is a nightmare that nobody dares to have. After spending extensive amounts of time coming up with an idea, only to reach a dead-end to find that someone else did the exact copy of your dissertation. Your nemesis might have used a different approach from yours, but the baseline remains the same. You might reach out to the bearer of the research to get your feedback. If you face this with the utmost kindness and politeness, you will receive a warm welcome.

When you lack enough words

Check out for gaps and fill them up. Attain this by using external readers, and among them should be your supervisor. Chunk out bits from your work and issue them out to get your desired feedback.