Creating A Top-Notch Human Geography Dissertation

If you’re asked to write a human geography dissertation, you should approach this task very seriously in order to complete it successfully. If you manage your time and actions carelessly, you might compose your paper poorly or maybe not even finish writing it on schedule. Fortunately, there is a standard pattern that a student should follow to succeed.

How to Create a Successful Human Geography Dissertation

  1. Select a decent topic.
  2. You should pick a narrow study area that will be interesting for you to research and that will allow you to make a good contribution to the development of human geography. For example, you may study the evolution of Chicago as a city in the nineteenth century.

  3. Conduct thorough research.
  4. At this stage of your work, you’ll need to find, read, and analyze plenty of literature sources related to the chosen study area. Depending on your topic and selected methodology, you may also need to carry out your own tests. Consult your professor to conduct a better and more accurate study.

  5. Create a good outline.
  6. A dissertation is a large and complex paper, so it’s advisable to plan the contents of your text before you begin composing it. Your paper should have a structure that meets the standards of academic writing. You should outline an introduction, body chapters that will thoroughly describe your study and present your results, and a conclusion that will summarize and discuss your findings.

  7. Compose a draft.
  8. Based on your outline, you should start writing your paper. To make the process easier and quicker, write the body chapters first. Then compose an introduction and conclusion. Create additional sections like the bibliography and appendices in the last instance.

  9. Proofread and edit your paper.
  10. Your last step should be to proofread your text thoroughly and correct all your mistakes. It’s also important to make sure that all your paragraphs are clear and convey the intended messages.

Preparing for Your Defense

Having written your paper, you’ll have to defend it in front of your committee. To succeed with this task, you should prepare an excellent oral speech based on your project and synchronize it with an illustrative slide presentation. It’s recommended to practice giving your speech regularly and be ready to answer the possible questions of your committee members before the day of the defense.

Shortly speaking, to compose a great dissertation in human geography, you should follow the right steps during your work. Define your research area first, then carry out your study, and only then start to outline and write your actual paper. Don’t forget to revise your draft several times before submitting it. To get the highest score, your paper shouldn’t contain any mistakes or inconsistencies.