Dealing with an Urban Planning Dissertation

Urban planning is an interesting field to write a dissertation in. There are many important questions that you may study in your academic project. To receive a high score for your assignment, you’ll need to put a lot of time and effort into dealing with it. If you work on your project half-heartedly, you aren’t likely to complete it successfully.

Preparing to Write an Urban Planning Dissertation

  1. Pick a topic.
    The topic of your paper should be narrow and raise a question that hasn’t been answered by other researchers in the past. This way, your project will be really valuable for the field. For instance, you may choose to carry out a study on the influence of urban containment policies on commuting patterns.
  2. Do your research.
    Having selected your topic, you should define a methodology that you’ll follow during your study and start gathering sources that contain some information on your topic. Depending on your topic, your research might involve only the analysis of these sources or you may also need to conduct new tests to achieve your goals.
  3. Make an outline.
    It’s not advisable to begin composing your paper without a clear plan of what to include in it. Outlining will help you create a strong structure for your text and won’t let you forget to mention significant details of your study. To be sure that your outline is appropriate, show it to your professor.

Composing a Dissertation on Urban Planning

  1. Compose an introduction.
    The first chapter should provide general information about your topic and state your main thesis. It should also set the scope of your study and briefly describe the following sections.
  2. Compose a literature survey.
    This chapter should inform the reader about the main schools of thought that have influenced your study and the literature sources that you’ve consulted the most.
  3. Compose a methodology description.
    In this part, you should explain what methods you’ve chosen for your research and thoroughly describe each activity that you’ve performed to achieve your results.
  4. Compose a discussion of findings.
    Here, you should present the outcomes of your study and discuss their significance for the development of urban planning as a field.
  5. Compose a conclusion.
    In the conclusion, you should provide a summary of your points and offer one or several ways for other scholars to continue your study.
  6. Compose a bibliography.
    The section should include a collection of all sources used in your research.

Editing and Formatting Your Dissertation

Once the text of your paper is ready, you should revise it several times to eliminate all errors and rewrite poorly composed sentences. It’s also important to format your document in accordance with the needed style.

As you can see, composing a dissertation in urban planning is a complex task that consists of several stages. In order to complete it successfully, you should manage your time wisely and maintain good concentration during your work. You may even need to sacrifice some of your free time to deal with your project on schedule.