What is a Good Dissertation Introduction Example and How to Get it?

A dissertation introduction is a key paragraph for both you and the reader. Without one you can leave the reader confused about what it is you are writing, and your document can suffer tremendously by not setting a clear direction for the topic you are exploring. This article explains what a good dissertation introduction example should look like and where you can get one:

The Four Main Components of a Good Intro

In the most basic form a good dissertation introduction should have all of the following: 1) it should adequately prepare the reader for the topic you will be discussing in the document; 2) it should hook the reader so that he or she feels compelled to continue reading the document; 3) it should provide the adequate amount of background content so that reader understands why the study is necessary; and 4) it should contain a thesis statement that says exactly what you will be making the case for in the document.

Of the many places where you can find a good dissertation introduction, two stand out as the most convenient and reliable: 1) hiring a professional dissertation writing service; and 2) hiring a professional freelance academic writer.

Professional Dissertation Writing Service

This first option is quite popular because students have a number of companies to choose from online. The only thing one has to look out for is that they choose a company that has a proven history in providing quality work. Check for online client reviews and ratings to get a sense of the good professional writing service. Dig a little deeper and find out all you can about a company’s hiring processes. You want to be sure its writing experts are all native-English writers and speakers and that they have ample experience writing academic dissertations.

Professional Freelance Academic Writer

The second option is a little less convenient because students have to be more proactive in their search and identification of a qualified academic writer, but it’s just as effective in attaining a good dissertation introduction example if one is willing to do his due diligence. The process of getting started is pretty simple: you simply need to post your project on a freelancing site and invite for people to bid. Next, you have to spend some time reviewing individual bids and making your selection on the best available service provider.