Guidelines On Social Policy Dissertation Writing

Social policies are a huge field where there are so many factors that affect the general. Writing a public policy dissertation may seem a daunting task, but it’s only until you don’t know the order of steps which should be taken when dealing with such type of an assignment.

How to Write a Dissertation on Social Policy

  • Pick an interesting topic.
  • Your topic should be clear and narrow enough to arouse the interest of the reader. “The relation between the level of income and homelessness” for one thing would be a proper topic for your study. It’s recommended that you consult your supervisor as far as the topic is concerned before writing.

  • Conduct an effective research.
  • A public policy dissertation is a serious study, so you should get the information for it from solid and trustworthy resources only. Make use of online libraries and academic databases for one thing and helpful articles on blog at Set time limits for your research stage to you don’t have to rush through writing and have enough time for editing and proofreading.

  • Make an outline.
  • Having an outline before your eyes is indispensable when dealing with big assignments. Better write an outline that has a structure similar to that of your thesis. Thus you won’t miss a methodology section or bibliography for example.

  • Write the first draft.
  • Just write your paper keeping your eyes on the outline. Don’t worry about errors or inaccuracies. You will eliminate them later when editing and proofreading your work.

What to Write About

Here are a couple of suggestions on what you can write your study about:

  • Discrimination against children with special needs.
  • Aging population.
  • The population of the Western World is aging. What policies should be implemented to make up for the loss workforce?

    • The middle class in different countries: the overview of social policies.
    • On the role of solidarity in community-based social policy networks.
    • How public accepts carbon rationing.
    • Euthanasia.
    • Considered a sin by religious people, it is now legal in some countries. Discuss the issue from all sides, but be clear about what your own position is.